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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a few of the questions we get most often.  Click "read more" under each heading to learn more. 

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What do your services cost?

All our services will be free at point of use. We will never charge our clients for any service provided.

What VR headset will you be using?

Oculus Quest 2. In addition to being one of the most affordable on the market, this headset also provides an untethered gaming experience. This means that clients will not need the space or expertise to run a large gaming computer and they will be able to play from anywhere, even their bed.

Are you creating your own games?

No, we are primarily utilising games that are available on the Oculus store. Because our primary focus is on quality of life variables, it is more important that clients have access to fun and engaging content. We have selected games that will also provide increased physical and/or cognitive engagement and will be tracking the efficacy of that strategy throughout the pilot. In the future we would like to explore the creation of games and experiences that are both fun for a mainstream audience and therapeutic value.

Do participants need a specific diagnosis?

No. We understand that it can take years for a diagnosis to manifest and that without one, many services are unavailable. We believe that the experience of being housebound is distinct enough to merit a dedicated service, regardless of diagnosis.

How can I apply for the pilot?

Fill out our short application form here and we will review your answers to see if VR might be of use to you.

How Can I Help?

Check out our How You Can Help page to see some of the ways you can help. You can also sign up for our mailing list below to keep abreast of our progress and be notified when calls to action go out.

I have another question

We'll be happy to answer it! Just drop us a line.
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